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The Bloody Rifleman: Prologue and Chapter I

Prologue: Blood Red Dawn


Trying to master a stakegun sucked. Especially for Chris. He had no more stakes. He grunted and threw the gun aside moving to take his pistol. He moved into the town, holding the pistol cocked and ready. As he moved into the town, he saw cars. They we’re just as they were when this town fell. Chris opened up a map and looked at the sign. This was once a normal English town, yet it fell so fast when they came. It was getting dark. Chris turned to one of the cars and broke into it, shattering the glass, opening the door and sitting inside. He found the keys on the passenger side. He smiled and put the car into drive. He headed out of town, back to his camp. As he stepped out of the car, he felt their faint smell. Oh shit. Chris hurried to pack up his camp and throwing it hastily in the car. He then jumped inside of the car and put the pedal to the metal, hurrying out of there, into the town. Mid-drive, he stopped and took out a CD. He smiled, pushing it inside the CD player of the car and pressing play. He smiled as he drove along the road. As he reached the town, he turned the music off, removed the CD and stepped out of the car, holding his rifle. He moved cautiously along the townside, waiting for any movement. There was none. He sighed and moved inside the town hall. He looked around the dark building and found a light switch. He turned on the light and what he saw was horrible. Dead, mutilated bodies. Their necks were still bloody, the blood was fresh. Chris looked around with his rifle flashlight, going up the stairs. He stopped at the mayor’s office. He suddenly kicked the door open and stormed in. He held his rifle and saw a girl. A familiar face. Yet still, it was bloody, the blood dripping. She was.. feeding on the citizens.

He looked at her, dumbfound and abit of scared. The girl seemed familiar, yet there was something different about her. Must be the spikes, he thought moving near her. The girl looked at her and hissed: “The Holy Rifleman. You. What are -you- doing here?!” Chris winced at the name. The holy rifleman. Still calling me that, eh? He smiled at her. “Well, i should ask you the same, my dear. You died.” He rolled her eyes and stood up. Chris now saw what they did to her. She was naked, with runes covering some part of her. Chris looked at her in horror for a second then sneered. “ look splendid naked, hun. Did those runes appear all by themselves or did they make them to you?” Chris sneered and lowered his rifle. The girl looked at him, smiling mysteriously. “Chris..why don’t you join us?” Chris laughed. “You know why, hun. They took you. Now that you’re part of them..” “Will you join us, Chris?” “No. I won’t join -you- but… London still has humans, don’t they?” Chris said, grimacing. “You always thought different, Chris. But in the end, you’re still back in my grasp…” Chris couldn’t help but to laugh. “Look, oh dear ‘Queen’. You’re nothing to me. The woman you once were… is dead. Gone. Sucked empty.” He smiled and walked out the door, to the car and sighed. If that is her… then she’s been busy. The Vampire Queen. Bah. Chris reached for his wallet and took out a picture. He smiled at it for a brief second and then put it back, looking ahead.

It was time to go back to London.


Chapter I: Choosing what we become

Chris looked out the window of his apartment. There were people outside his house, drinking beer and laughing. He shaked his head at them and walked over to his bed. He layed down on it and remembered the days before the epidemic.

“This is BBC News. There seems to be a epidemic spreading in Northern America which is turning innocent people into some-kind of wolf-life creatures. The epidemic won’t spread to the UK but it seems there seems to be a different epidemic, spreading from China. It’s spreading across Europe, leaving thousands paralyzed. We now go to our correspondent on the scene. Mark, are you there?” The picture on the TV changed to that of a young correspondent, near a border. “Yes, Suzy. There seems to be a some-kind of force of plagued villagers and troopers heading to the border. The UN is trying to stop the epidemic from spreading any further and-. Wait, what’s that?” The man started to cough violently, so did everyone around him. “Suzy the plague, it’s spreading..T-this is C-correspondent Mark Rhynis..”The camera fell as the viewers could clearly see the men growing fangs and red eyes. “Well.. it seems the plague is spreading.. In other news..” Chris didn’t look at the screen. He sat in the corner of the coffee shop, cuddling his girlfriend. She was everything to him, and he wanted to keep her safe. He smiled and kissed her cheek softly. Right now, the epidemic was nothing regarding to the problems they had. Chris sneezed and wiped his nose. “Chris, dear.. Are you sick?” He smiled. “Maybe.. maybe not. It’s nothing, just a cold.” She put her hands on his face. “Now don’t get sick you fool.. I told you going out with only a shirt would get you sick.” Chris smiled. “Don’t worry, dear. I’ll be ok.” But he wasn’t.. in the months of that the plague got closer, life in London went more hectic until the day when she was taken away. “Chris, it’s okay. I’m not sick!” she told him, while he was hurrying to the hospital. “I know dear but..i can’t let this happen to you. I’m here for you.” As they got inside, a doctor was at the reception. “Sir! My girlfriend here is sick! Please, do something to help her.” He remembered how the doctor’s eyes flashed in a smile as he said: “Certainly, my boy. Please, i’ll get her. Stay here.” As he took her away, he sat there, looking at the doorway. Five hours passed. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Two more passed. Then, the doctor came out, looking at him. “I’m sorry, boy, but..she passed away.” Chris looked at him, mixing grief, shock and anger. “But..SHE CAN’T BE DEAD. YOU TOLD ME YOU’D SAVE HER, DOCTOR!” He sat down, crying. “Look, kid. She’s dead. That’s all there is to it.” Chris looked up at him. “Can i see her?” Chris’ eyes were full of optimism but the doctor shaked his head coldly. “No, child. She’s dead and contageous. Go home, boy!” Chris walked back to the car and sat in the car, heartbroken. He drew away, crying. There was nothing for him anymore. He turned up the car radio.

Heal myself – a feather on my heart
Look inside – there never was a start
Peel myself – dispose of severed skin
All subsides – around me and within

He felt pain, deep inside him. It grew into a fire which grew into something which burned down everything in it’s path. He still cried, for the lost memory of her. weeks went by and he found out what happened to her, his hate against these new people..grew. Until, he headed out of town and to his old house. He had a stockpile of weapons there, left behind by his father.

There’s nothing painful in this
There’s no upheaval
Redemption for my pathos
All sins undone

He took out a gun and readied it, cleaning it until it was perfect. He took some clips and went out to hunt them. He felt nothing but redemption for her. If she still was alive, he needed to find her and get her out of there. As he stepped into his car, he drew to the woods and started to look for them.
He found them, bloody, feeding on campers. He fired. As the bullets fell and the kickback affected him, he felt nothing but anger.

Awaiting word on what’s to come
In helpless prayers a hope lives on
As I’ve come clean I’ve forgotten what I promised
In the rays of the sun I am longing for the darkness.

As years went by, Chris became a…figure amongst the vampires. He became their nightmare, killing every single one he came across. He would leave entire vampire towns empty. In time, vampire people left their towns to cities. He prayed and hoped that he would find her as he looked around. Anger consumed him and his wishes. He had lost his way from finding her into killing all of them. Inside he hoped for the days when things were easy. But still he pressed on, fighting, killing, longing for his past life. The darkness.

Chris sighed as he rose up from his bed. The ‘Queen’ had given him a job as a security guard. He put on his work clothes and headed out. As he slammed the door, the picture of him and her fell down, the glass breaking.

The Queen smiled. He was back in her arms and she wanted him. She wanted to eat out his heart and cherish in his blood as it would wash down. Yet still, a past part of her held this new Queen persona back. All the past her wanted was to love him again. To have him cherish her in his arms. All she needed was his love. The Queen banished those thoughts. What mattered was now. She needed to lead her people to war, against the furry freaks over in America. She smiled as she invited in her advisors. “Please, my dear Advisors. Summon the Council. We have matters to discuss.” She smiled as he gave a bow and went away. She was left alone. She sat in her throne, looking at her kingdom. Chris was a broken man, all he could do now was cry. She had made him her ultimate slave.

NB! Ma tahaks öelda et ma ei püüa copyright infringida Opethi sõnu. Lihtsalt see laul jäi silma. 😀




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