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The Bloody Rifleman: Chapter III and Epilogue.

Chapter III: The beast I’ve become

He had always expected the GeniCorp building to be bigger. Yet this time, there was nothing. All he wanted was a purpose. And here he was, dressed in a suit, waiting for a offer. They led him down the hall when he showed them the letter. And now, Chris was scared. He was pacing down the hall, thinking for his life.  The ONBS project were but mere whispers from outlying towns. And now, he was a part of it? The Queen must have had a hand in this. He sat down on the couch and looked at his watch. This was really it. And then they called him in. He entered, sitting down and handing over his recommendation papers. The man opposite to him was a older man. He looked old and frail. Yet his voice had immense power behind it. “Well, Mr. Haugen. Everything checks out. You are quite the individual. Whatever remains of your past is interesting and your recent job shows your willingness to help us defend our people. I’d have to say, welcome to GeniCorp.” He rose and so did Chris. The two shook hands and then he smiled. “Mr. Haugen, i shall now prepare you for the consequences..” He took out a pistol and shot Chris. Chris felt for the wound but all there was, was a dart. Chris gulped and fell into the nothingness of sleep, only to overhear the man say: “She has you now, Mr. Haugen. She has you now.”

Chris blinked his eyes open. There was no-one in the room except him. Chris tried to rise but he was restrained by leather leashes. He tried to speak but there was only a muffle. Chris looked down. He was chained by leather into a bed, light shining down upon him. He tried to figure out what he was doing here. He gave slight sigh and thought, his eyebrow furrowed. This was her work. Dear god, what are they gonna do to me? Until he heard footsteps. They sounded majestic and…surprisingly light. The door creeked open and there she was, her red, hungry eyes gleaming in the poorly lit room. It was her, The Queen. “Do you hear that beating, Chris?” He saw her approaching him, the dress hugging her slender figure, catching his eyes in her fluid movements. He looked up in her face. She smiled coldly back at him. She then moved her hands on top of his left chest. She heard his heart beat, which made her almost ectatic.”Ohh, Chris. Can’t you really hear it? The senseless beating? The fear? Do you fear i might turn you into something like me? Your fears are correct.” She smiled and moved to kiss Chris’ neck. Chris felt a small lick on his veins. It made him both happy and scared. He didn’t want to lose his life, not like this.” me!” Chris tried to squirm away from her mouth, but the leather kept him close to her. “Now, now, Chrissie. Don’t do this..i know you want our past back. Let go..and embrace the dark.” Chris gulped. In her way, she was right. All this time, Chris wanted to renew his romance with her. He feared that he would have to join them. But..why? Because they were different? Them and the wolves were all that were left. Chris sighed. “Do it then..Make me part of your plan. You seem to have injected me with something already. Make me part of you..plan then.” Chris slumped back, looking at the ceiling. She smiled and moved closer to his neck. Then her teeth bit into his flesh. The scarlet-red blood started flowing, and Chris could feel her poison spreading through his body, halving him, turning his blood around. Her sucking was stopping the beat of his heart, the beats being replaced by a echoing silence full of her poison. was over. She pulled her teeth out and grinned, pushing his mouth near her neck. “Come then, Knight. Suck on my neck. Strike your poison-ridden teeth into my veins. It is the only way to complete the sequence.” Chris felt lost, and yet, he felt a great fire start to burn inside of him. He sank his teeth into her flesh, his hands hugging her figure. As the teeth hit inside, he started to suck. The blood that came out was..sweet, yet rotten. He sucked on all the blood that came out, finally drinking his fill. He pulled away, looking into her face. She smiled wickedly back at him. “ the dark side, i guess,” she said, moving to rise. “I’ll be in the throne-room.” She rose and broke Chris free from the restraints in one swift movement, heading out a different door, leaving it slightly open. Chris rose and walked over to a table where he saw a pile of nicely folded clothes. He moved to put them on and then walked through the same door. He reached a white hall, with blood red banners around. The light made the room look bigger, but still, it concentrated out on the Queen’s throne. He walked over to her and knelled. She smiled and took a blade from next of her throne. She unsheated the blade and lifted it on top of his right shoulder. She then let the blade once touch his left shoulder, his head and his right shoulder. Chris remembered it as a ceremonial move, used by the kings of old. He smiled and rose as she said: “Rise now, Knight General. Guard your Queen with great pride and take your prize.” Chris blinked. “W-what prize?” She smiled and used the old blade to slice her dress open. She smiled as the dress fell, her features becoming fully see to Chris. He smiled back at her and stepped closer to her, grinning. Indeed, the prize was right in his grasp.

He rose, looking around the dimly lit room. The Queen had snuggled up in his jacket, snoring. He smiled and rose, moving to walk around her castle. What he saw was amazing. Apparently, this was an old castle, used and rebuilt by the vampires for their needs. Soon, Chris reached the kitchen. He saluted the cook’s assistant and said: “Hail. The Queen asked for breakfast to be ready in two hours.” The assistant bowed and Chris headed back to the throne room, sitting down besides the sleeping queen, his hands brushing some hair from her face. She blinked her eyes slowly until she could see him clearly. “Morning, my dear Queen.” His voice was grinning. “Oh, shut up. You got your prize, don’t be so cheeky about it.” She growled back then moving her gaze upon him. “What time is it?” He moved to look at his watch. “Eight forty six.” The Queen moved her head to his lap, looking at him with her dark, yet gleaming eyes. “Chris..would you become my guardian forever?” Chris nodded. “Sure, dear. I would become your shield from the enemies.” She rose, moving to put on his dress. She then stepped to sit down on the throne. “Chris, you are here by known as The Bloody Rifleman. You will strike courage to the hearts of our troops and fear into our enemies when you lead the armies across the sea. Rise, Sir Rifleman, to meet your enemies in bloody battle.” Chris smiled and bowed. “Glory to the Queen.”


It was a year after the battle. Chris was sailing towards the Japanese Coast. To root out the last of the dogs. The war had ended in their favour once they brought out the heavy weaponry. The dogs had ran to the three winds. There was nothing left except a few pockets of resistance. Chris smiled and turned to the man besides him. “Take the course, Skipper. I’ll be down in the brig.” He moved down the stairs to the deeper parts of the ship. He grinned to himself. He was her guardian, her knight. All he could do now would be to root out the dogs. He stopped at the brig door. Inside was a werewolf. He opened the door and stepped in, nodding at the wolf. “Greetings, general. Now, tell me about your.. ‘stronghold’.” The wolf shaked his head, then grinned. “Rifleman. Your precious queen will die in glorious fire. You people will burn in flames. All you can do is watch while you hunt for ghosts.” The general smiled. “Mark my words.” He then sat down, nodding. “I have nothing more to say. You took everything i had. You will watch her burn.” Chris smiled coldly. “Alright, General,” He turned to the guard. “Interrogate this dog until he breaks. No exceptions. Until he doesn’t tell the truth, he’ll be tortured. Don’t kill him.” Chris then walked out of the cell, leaving the dog to his doom. They were nearing the coast and the dawn supporting them was blood red. be continued.

Ja nii lõpeb esimene osa selle maailma seiklustest. Olge mureta, ma kirjutan juurde …


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