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The Bloody Rifleman: Chapter II

Chapter II: The ties that bind us, the ties that make us who we are.

Chris walked home through the streets of Lower London. These slaves here, why were they serving her, couldn’t they just revolt? God, you poor fucker. You’re so obsessed with her. Look, Chris. You need to live on. This is a new world. There’s no time for petty revenge. You have to move on. Right, move on. But how the fuck do you move on? Chris sighed and gave a look around the street for bars. Going to get drunk? Chris sighed and shaked his head, moving inside the bar. He sat down on a stool and ordered a beer. As he drinked the beer, he looked around the bar to see what was going on. There were people chatting, laughing, doing normal stuff. He finished his beer and went out of the door, onto the street. He smiled and started walking towards home.

“Hey, Chris!” In his mind’s eye, he saw her running towards him, hugging and kissing him. She did right to put his home in a neighbourhood he knew. Still, Chris wondered was it all just to increase his dependance on their past life. He sighed and opened the door to his home. He turned on the music and looked out at the window, drinking his beer. Chris, you dumb noob, his mind cried out. You’re really foolish. She’ll drink your blood and kill you. You know all of it, Chris but still you deny it. Seriously, is she that important? Chris interrupted his mind’s talk by shaking his head and turning away towards the bed. He knew that when he was out there, killing them, he felt like  the adrenaline made up for her lost love. Whatever the fuck she was now, her old self was dead. Chris smiled, happy about his newfound determination over her..death. Now that she seemed dead to him, he could move on, to his job. As he lay down, happy over the victory against doubt, he fell asleep.

The Queen was furious. The war against the blasted dogs went on longer and she lost more men. The dogs were huge in numbers and every time she fought them, they pushed her forces back. The problem wasn’t that she didn’t have enough forces, the problem was, she needed to win over the different Vampire lords. She turned towards the council and her face smiled, even though she wanted to tear their hearts out and eat them. As it would seem, she quite liked the taste of hearts. How they still beated in their fleeting moments, faster, faster until she ripped them out and feasted on them. She smiled at then, knowing they didn’t knew what she would do to them if they failed their mission. They didn’t care. All they wanted was a place to rule. Generals, bah, she sneered at them in his head. She didn’t like how they stared at her, waiting for somekind of plan they could follow. Lemmings, that’s all they are for me. Mere insects. She sneered and sat down. “As you all have heard our bases have come under heavy werewolf attack. Now..gentlemen. I ask of you a way to stop this, because you’re my council. Now, i am asking you all an idea to push back the dogs.” She looked at them as they sat there, quiet, looking at her. She sighed. “You’re all fired. All of you on the council.. What is it, Officer Shankov?” The man rose, a smile playing on his lips. “The Holy Rifleman who you recently broke..He could be used as a weapon against the werewolves. We also have a captive werewolf whose blood we could take and inject to him. Making him a perfect mix of our two new sides.. The perfect genetic experiment.” He smiled at her, sitting down. She smiled wickedly. “Yes. Indeed, we must use our resources while we can. So, get to work recruiting The Rifleman. Send him a letter about how we need him for a different job.” As the council walked out the door and left her alone, she laughed. There was something about the idea of Chris being turned into something that he hated..and it was so fun.

Chris came home, tired. Work had been hell. A robbery by some people who were obviously down on their luck. He had shot them, seeing blood seep out. Somehow, it didn’t make him sick, it only made him.. hungry. He had gone out after the clean up to eat. He then continued his watch until he came home. Then he went to the store to get some food. He smiled and went up the steps of the corridor until his apartment door came to his sights. He emptied out his mailbox and walked in, hastily putting the food into the freezer. It was Friday. The night when he usually would had ice cream and watch movies. He ordered some pizza and started to look over his mail. He saw an crimson red envelope with a seal on it. He opened it and took a look at the letter:

Dear Lower Citizen Chris Haugen. We have evaluated your past and your necessity in society. We are proud to say, you are to be introduced to be part of a new future against our enemies. Please report to the GeniCorp Headquarters on Monday, 1pm. We look forward to your cooperation towards the ONBS (The Offensive Nanotronic Battle Suit) project.

Sincerely, the Council of Blood and The GeniCorp corporation.

As he finished the letter, he sat down, looking at the letter. Wow..they want me to become part of their project? I’ll..take it. It beats being a security guard. He smiled and rose, going to the door as the doorbell rang. The pizza guy had been a nice guy and surprised that it was Chris. He just smiled politely back at him and gave a tip.  As he came back and sat down, he started to eat it, looking at the letter. “Damn her.. She clearly wants me to become part of a trap..” he said, shaking his head. “But it’s my only chance to do something and move on. Maybe it’s best if i did this.”



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